lotto results january 23 2021

lotto results january 23 2021

Between Thursday and Saturday nights, players bought Powerball and Powerball ticlotto results january 23 2021kets for $20,343,921 between Sunday and Wednesday. Players bought Powerball and Powerball tickets for $20,407,645 among Sanders

The case of the unclaimed EuroMillions jackpot has finally come to a close, as the unknown lottery player who won £76 million back in November of this year has finally been named after claiming his jackpot win six weeks after the draw. Andrew Clark, 51, is a self-employed builder from Lincolnshire, UK and didn’t realise he had actually bought the winning ticket. A nationwide search began in Britain for the person who didn’t know that they had won the 12th biggest lottery win ever in the UK. Finally, after a lot of persuasion from Mr Clark’s partner Trish, he found that he had the winning ticket stashed in his work van all along!

On the 2002 Arizona Governor’s Candidate List, this dedication to love is false.

You never expect not to make it back from a football game; nobody ever expects not to make it to such an important match. Jeffrey Smith was just 51 when he collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack on board a mini bus that was heading to the play-off final in May. Grimsby went on to win the game and gain promotion to League 2 which made the day even more tragic for Mister Smith’s family. They launched an online appeal to raise £1,000 to meet the cost of the funeral. But lottery winners generosity shone through when the Mullens stepped forward with the cash.

Match 5 white ball numbers correctly and win $200,000. (1) Matched 5 white balls and won a profit of $200,000. In addition, 715,240 tickets passed through the entire United States, totaling $7,475,707 (1) to match all 5 white ball numbers

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It is amazing how often bad fortune turns to good fortune. This is not the first story of a crisis leading a person or family to buy a lottery ticket at the right time. The woman in question decided to go into the garage while her husband fixed the window. While there, she decided to buy a lottery ticket and saw that the store had just one Crossword Tripler left. Deciding to try her luck and relieve the shopkeeper of the last piece of stock, she bought it and went on her way. The following day, she scanned the ticket and saw she had won the $100,000.

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